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Koinonia Recognized for Emergency Relief

From left -- Judy Davis, Board Member, Don Gregory, board member, Judi Raaum, co-chair board member, Del. Mark Sickles, Phil Fick, board member, Robert Petitti, MPA, executive director, Jan Vaca-Leboeuf, board member.

Del. Mark Sickles (D-43) recognized the more than five decades of Koinonia consistently providing emergency relief services in the Franconia and Kingstowne Communities. The 43rd House District that Delegate Sickles represents includes most of the area served by Koinonia. Delegate Sickles presented a framed Commendation congratulating Koinonia. “The emergency relief that Koinonia provides our neighbors is more than just food and clothing. It’s a caring and compassionate contact with people showing them that they matter."

Prior to being elected to the Virginia General Assembly, Del. Sickles served on the board of directors of UCM, a nonprofit organization that provides similar services in the Richmond Highway area.

Robert Petitti, executive director of the Koinonia Nonprofit Foundation, introduced Del. Sickles to a group of people attending Sunday ceremony. On behalf of the Koinonia Board of Directors, he received Delegate Sickles’ Commendation. He introduced the current and former members of the Board of Directors as well as volunteers in attendance.

“Volunteers are the ‘life-blood’ of this organization. Without them we couldn’t do this work. They provide many hours of work to make sure emergency services are available.”

Koinonia Foundation, Inc. is the sole nonprofit organization recognized by Fairfax County to provide both short-term emergency assistance and self-sufficiency services to the citizens of the Greater Franconia and Kingstowne areas.