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Covid 19...and More

March 20, 2020Blog Post


Dear Friends,

These past few weeks have been hectic. Not only did we wrap up the most productive and progressive session in Virginia History, we also entered into uncharted territory with a health crisis none of us have seen in our lifetimes.

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No Access to Broadband Could Impact Online Learning

March 17, 2020News Clip

Tanya and Tim Brosnan found their dream home in  Fredericksburg, Virginia, last fall, but once they moved in, they realized they couldn’t log in. Their home has no access to broadband.

“Honestly, I never even thought that would be a question I would need to ask,” Tanya Brosnan said. "It's 2020. How can I not get internet?”

Their home has no cable lines, no satellite access and no high-speed internet. They make due with hot spots and a router to boost the signal. But it doesn’t reach throughout the house, and Brosnan says it’s painfully slow.

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‘A momentous moment for Virginians’ after General Assembly unanimously passes legislation to end surprise medical bills

March 6, 2020News Clip

It took weeks of negotiations to settle on an end to balance billing, a much-loathed feature of Virginia’s medical system that’s been locked in a legislative deadlock for years.

Lawmakers were jubilant on Thursday as both the House and Senate unanimously passed identical legislation to remove the risk of surprise hospital bills for some Virginians. The often-expensive fees often come when patients seek emergency care at an out-of-network hospital, or receive treatment from out-of-network doctors at a facility that’s otherwise covered by their insurance.

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House and Senate lawmakers are deadlocked over expanding authority for pharmacists

March 3, 2020News Clip

Both House and Senate lawmakers proposed legislation this year to give pharmacists more independence in administering certain drugs. But differences between the two bills could lead to a deadlock in a conference hearing, ending any chance of a final version being passed by the General Assembly.

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General Assembly set to approve sports gambling in Virginia as soon as this week - one last hurdle remains

March 3, 2020News Clip

A conference committee in the General Assembly this week will attempt to clear the final hurdle needed to bring sports betting to Virginia.

The Virginia House and Senate passed bills authorizing gambling on sporting events, and the combined bill is expected to be signed into law. It would bring sports betting, both in person and online, to the commonwealth as soon as this fall.

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