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Virginia tests plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccine, but taking it won't be mandatory

December 2, 2020News Clip

With the initial shipments of a new vaccine against COVID-19 potentially weeks away, Virginia is testing its plan for distributing the initially limited supply of the vaccine to the people who need it most — front-line medical workers and the employees and residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

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Northam's Budget Amendments Face Final Hurdle Monday

November 9, 2020News Clip

Now that election results are in, the process of passing a state spending plan is moving forward as members of the General Assembly resume their special session today (Monday).

Up for consideration are a handful of budget amendments from Governor Northam. One is tied to a constitutional amendment that was on the ballot. 

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After Two Months, Legislators Ready to Advance Budget Bill

October 20, 2020News Clip

Almost two months into a special session that was initially expected to last two weeks, negotiators in the General Assembly have come to an agreement over the details of the state budget. Now it’s up to both chambers and the Governor to make the bill a law.

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VA General Assembly says eviction moratorium will continue until December 31

October 20, 2020News Clip

Alexandria, Va. (ABC7) — Rent is due in a few weeks, but if you are concerned you may not be able to pay, a new budget passed by the Virginia General Assembly could provide some relief.

Friday evening, the Virginia General Assembly passed a budget declaring a moratorium on evictions in the commonwealth until December 31st.

Lawmakers also took steps to help with utility payments.

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Bills Requiring Disclosure of Some COVID-19 Outbreaks Advance

October 20, 2020News Clip

It took months for state officials to begin publishing the names of nursing homes with COVID-19 outbreaks.

Now, an effort to establish mandatory reporting requirements has passed both houses of the General Assembly.

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